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I’ve tried Acupressure and it’s (almost) magic!



So, it’s the end of winter and it’s that moment of the year when I feel tired, missing sunshine and down in energy. Even if I was really excited to discover something new, I should admit that it’s a bit exhausted that I enter the office of Alain Paradis. Alain is a certified massage therapist and a registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressure therapist. As a new member of AGAME, he invited me to explore the benefice of his practice. Naturally curious, I was thrilled to accept. Let’s do this!

In the office, there is this calm warm vibe. The big window is open on Durocher Avenue. The light is gentle and soft, the noise from the main streets stayed behind and Alain’s friendly smile make me comfortable. To begin with, Alain ask me usual health check questions. It’s a moment to get to know me better, but also a moment for me to get to know more about Acupressure.

That’s how I learned that Jin Shin Do means ‘’The Way of the Compassionate Spirit’’. Created during the 70’s decade, by the psychotherapist Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, Jin Shin Do is a mix of Japanese acupressure, theories and technics from traditional Chinese acupuncture, taoist philosophy, Qi Gong and corporal psychotherapy. Happily for me who is weirdly queasy when I see a needle, there won’t be any here! Jin Shin Do works with the use the fingers pressure apply where it’s needed, but also a guided breathing and a verbalisation of the sensations.

As an holistic massage technic, Jin Shin Do take consideration of the person as a whole. The body is not a simple physical envelop. It carries physical, psychological and emotional pain. Untying the tensions from those injuries allow the muscles to release and the circulation to flow, enabling the body self-healing processes.

When the health check questions were all answered, Alain checked my pulse with a special method. In traditional Chinese medicine, the pulse is taking with three fingers on both wrists. This would provide a monitoring of the whole body. After that, he asked me to set an intention for my treatment and what I would like to get from it. On the table, the treatment is gentle and slow. It’s not about pushing hard or rush it, it’s about taking care, recognizing the tensions and work with it. Alain use regularly two spots at a time and guide my breathing through it, so the tension release and the flow in between is rebalanced. During the treatment I felt an whole bunch of thing : heaviness, darkness or emptiness sensations, aches or tickling pains, even images popped up and thoughts, sometimes it was like a part of my body was vibrating or releasing something, a sensation of warm or glowing. In brief, it was moving in me!

The treatment induced a feel good sensation of deep relaxation. Still on the table, I feel like I was shining! When I did get up, I felt like I was reviving. If my tensions wasn’t completely  removed, the pain was gone. After a week, this feel good sensation is still there and I’m so excited to get another treatment soon!

To learn more about acupressure or to take an appointment, visit Alain’s website at :

(Images on this post are coming from Alain’s website).